Pacvac Glide 300

  • Ideal for nursing homes, hotels etc
  • Cannister Vacuum
  • 15l tank


Pacvac’s high quality commercial canister vacuum cleaners are versatile machines. These vac cleaners offer portability and large capacity, which are suitable for both commercial and home use.  These canister vacuum cleaners have been designed to deliver ease of movement on both hard and carpeted floor surfaces, superior suction power and convenient storage capabilities making them great all-purpose vacuums.

Their compact and lightweight pull-along design deliver a great alternative to our backpack vacuum range. Perfect for hotels, nursing homes, and other areas where a canister preferred to a back pack.

The Glide 300 has a large 15L tank capacity to minimize emptying time. It also has an 18m power cord to ensure coverage of large areas. If you’re not stopping to empty your tank and unplug your machine all the time, you’re cleaning with a much higher efficiency!

The Glide 300 also features a Safety Bypass Valve. If a blockage occurs, the Safety Bypass Value draws air into the motor to prevent it from overheating. This helps to extend the life of your motor.

You’ll receive a reusable cloth bag and a packet of 5 paper bags, along with a dusting brush, crevice and upholstery tool with your new Glide 300.


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