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  • "The Cleaning Warehouse provided me with all the products i needed to pursue my... endeavors."

    -Walter White

  • "The Cleaning Warehouse provided me with all the products i needed to pursue my... endeavors."

    -Walter White

  • "The Cleaning Warehouse provided me with all the products i needed to pursue my... endeavors."

    -Walter White

Cleaning Warehouse

At the Cleaning Warehouse, we have a 32-year strong history of providing industry leaders with discount cleaning supplies that get the job done. Whether it’s commercial cleaning products, washroom consumables, or hospitality, janitorial and childcare supplies, at the Cleaning Warehouse in Mitchell, Canberra, we help our customers do what they do best.

Committed to creating awareness of the need for clean, safe, hygienic work conditions, we have operated as a leading regional manufacturing and distribution company since 1985. With distributors throughout the ACT, Southern Highlands and South Coast regions, we provide a range of customers with high-quality products and services.

Chemicals with a tick of approval

At the Cleaning Warehouse, we have taken health and safety seriously for decades, with all of our chemical products formulated in compliance with current Australian Occupational Health and Safety legislation. With years of proven experience, technical expertise and development, the chemicals boast the latest technology, use raw materials and meet stringent international standards while being both cost and purpose effective.

Australian manufacturing and maintenance packaging

We’re a proud Australian manufacturer constantly seeking to understand customer needs in order to provide and distribute products that please. Alongside providing chemical products, we also act as a distributer for all major accessory and equipment suppliers, as well as paper and packaging products. Not only does this mean that our range is purpose built with customers and end users in mind, but it also allows us to supply a complete maintenance package, including cleaning machinery, cleaning machinery supplies and hospitality packaging.

At Cleaning Warehouse, we provide several organisations with consultancy to supply ongoing maintenance procedures and products, with customers reporting that our product range is holistically compatible with their respective environments.

Products that impress

Our manufacturing plant in Canberra, Australia manufactures a range of chemical products that cover all aspects of health and hygiene, floor maintenance, and sanitation. These products include purpose-designed floor treatments suitable for vinyl, seals and polishes, as well as timber floor seals and restoration products. We also manufacture products for washroom maintenance and general building maintenance, including deodorants, detergents, glass cleaner, carpet and speciality cleaners, as well as a range of speciality hospitality and laundry products.

If we can assist with your company’s needs, get in touch with the Cleaning Warehouse team today via the contact form on this website, or by calling 6241 7119.