Machinery & Repair

Now we’re at the heavy end of the many services that have made Cleaning Warehouse the premier distributor of sanitation products throughout Canberra and surrounding regions. If your corridors are too long and your auditoriums too wide to attack with a mop and bucket, it’s time to upgrade to one of the cleaning machines in our fleet. With our commercial vacuum cleaners, buffing machines, floor scrubbers, pressure washers and carpet cleaners the work will be much more efficient (good for your bottom line) and far less labour-intensive (excellent for your staff morale).

We understand that purchasing a ride-on cleaner can be a big investment for a small business, which is why we offer the equipment for rent as well as sale. If you have a one-off job, or you want to try out the equipment before deciding whether to buy it, you can easily hire it from us.

This is the aspect of Cleaning Warehouse where the friendly and helpful nature of our staff truly comes to the fore. They will not only deliver and pick up the equipment for a small fee, they will happily take the time to ensure your team knows how to use it to its full potential. There are all sorts of tricks and tactics to these cleaning machines that our staff are more than willing to share.

The same goes for the commercial cleaning machinery repairs that are offered by the skilled technicians at Cleaning Warehouse. If one of your machines breaks down we will have no trouble fixing it, even if you didn’t buy it from us. We will also give you all the details you need to keep it fully maintained and operating to its best ability.

Even then our service to your business does not stop. We also stock all the items such as vacuum cleaner replacement bags and commercial machinery spare parts that you will ever need.

The brands of equipment we offer for sale and rent include:

Pacvac – Since the 1970s Pacvac have been working hard to design the perfect vacuum cleaner and they have outstripped any competition. Their specialty, backpack vacs, have been proven to be up to three times more efficient than both canister and upright vacuums.

Conquest – A family-owned business that offers Australia’s largest range of commercial and industrial floor cleaning systems. You only have to look at the huge national organisations they service to know they do a good job.

Polivac International – Founded in the 1940s on the invention of the world’s first suction polisher, the PV25, Polivac has gone from strength to strength ever since and today offers a wide range of machinery for all types of commercial cleaning.

SV Equipment – The Steamvac manufactured by SV Equipment holds pride of place among Australia’s steam cleaning technology, so much so that they attracted a Government Research and Development Grant.

Hako – Their vast array of cleaning equipment ranges from simple vacuum cleaners to street cleaning machines. Among the many advantages you gain from their machines is a water use reduction of up to 50 percent.

Aussie Pumps – Specialists in high-pressure cleaning equipment, such as cold water blasters and steam machines. Aussie Pumps are trusted to make firefighting hoses, so they clearly know what they are doing.

Numatic International – This international team is best known for their smiling domestic vacuum cleaners, but they also have a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners that are part of commercial cleaning teams across the planet.

These are only the star players in the Cleaning Warehouse team. There are many more, guaranteed to meet your exact needs, so please get in touch with our friendly team today.