There are few workplaces that are harder to keep clean than childcare centres and even fewer industries where it is more important. The young children love nothing more than creating a mess, whether it is with their food or craft material or simply muddy footprints, while the parents are closely investigating the cleanliness of the centre every day when they pick up their kids. And that’s before we’ve even started talking about the nappies.

Cleaning Warehouse has spent many years supplying a range of childcare facilities, including after school care and early learning centres. We fully understand the importance of high quality cleaning products in those facilities and we always make a special effort to ensure they are fully supplied. It is no accident that we have become the premier supplier of cleaning products throughout the Canberra region.

Childcare centres are a perfect example of the extra effort undertaken by Cleaning Warehouse to meet the needs of the various industries we service. We fully appreciate the various challenges faced by childcare staff, including the fact that supervision of the children has to be maintained constantly and there is never a quiet moment throughout the entire day. It is also unlike many other offices, which can generally wait until the professional cleaners arrive each night. When there is a mess in a childcare centre it needs to be dealt with instantly, meaning the correct products always have to be on hand.

That’s why our friendly and helpful staff visit the centres regularly, putting together the list of necessary sanitary products and then delivering them free of charge the next day. The cleaning products can also be picked up from our warehouse if that is preferred.

Another free service offered by our expert team is advice on any cleaning or sanitation issues a childcare centre may have. We supply a vast range of products and guarantee that somewhere within our warehouse will be exactly what you’re looking for, along with the professional instructions that will allow its full potential to be achieved.

Cleaning Warehouse’s vast selection of products includes:

– Kimberley Clark’s iconic Snugglers nappies
– Bastion baby wipes, which are enriched with both aloe vera and vitamin e
– Purell hand sanitiser, which is essential for preventing the spread of germs among the children
– ESG Freshberry foam soap, with a range of pleasant fragrances that will encourage the kids to wash their hands
– S Clean surface sanitiser, which is ideal for cleaning every part of your childcare centre from the kitchen through to the bathroom
– Bulk sunscreen supplies from Sunsational, which offers sun protection up to SPF50

Of course, this short list is barely scratching the surface of everything Cleaning Warehouse has to offer. We haven’t even started talking about the cleaning accessories, such as disposable gloves, nor the environmental chemical supplies that are highlighted elsewhere on our website.

If you’re looking for the best possible cleaning supplies for your childcare centre, contact us today and one of our staff will make sure you receive everything you need.