Actichem Neutral Detergent

  • Neutral floor cleaner
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Neutral Cleaner provides the professional contractor and building owner with a high performance, low residue, easy-to-use maintenance cleaner which dilutes down to amazingly economical dilution rates.
  • Nano technology provides rapid emulsion with oily soils and grime, removing more soiling in a shorter time span. Ideal for autoscrubber use.
  • New surfactant technology leaves behind no unwelcome streaks, haziness or slippery residues. Perfect for highly polished flooring.
  • Totally safe for use on fine natural stone, marble, polymer coated flooring, wooden floors and pH sensitive surfaces.
  • Safe, easy and pleasant to use, with a totally non-toxic hazard rating and a fresh lemon scent.


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